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Established in 2005 by a world renowned optical engineering team with a vision to create value through innovative solutions. All development, testing and production takes place in-house in Tartu Science Park under our ISO certified (ISO 13485:2016) quality management system.

Our expertise lies in: spectroscopy, spectrophotometry, UV-C germicidal irradiation and UV compatible optical surfaces. We offer services such as: large-scale manufacturing of various components, rapid prototyping of custom applications, peer review of concepts and all types of consultations.

Ldiamon is always open for collaboration on intriguing projects and holds discreetness and reliability as core values of its customer relationships.



DiaSens is an optical sensor that utilizes optical spectrophotometric method for the measurement of light absorbance

DiaSens uses ultraviolet light that is absorbed by molecules present in spent dialysate to measure the effectiveness of the dialysis process. The principle behind the sensor lies in the fact that molecular concentration in the dialysate is linearly related to the molecular concentration in blood, thus allowing the estimation of the concentration of urea in the bloodstream.

Food freshness sensor

Our food freshness sensor allows to determine the true freshness levels of meat and fish.

Determining the freshness of a product is performed by measuring the well-known nucleotide freshness indices Ki, Fr, H with possible extrapolation to indices K, P and Q. All these markers are suitable for early spoilage prevention in comparison to indicators used for determining already spoiled products. The method is based on the principle of combined Fast Protein Nucleotides Liquid Chromatography (FPNLC). The device is calibrated by means of liquid chromatography, mass-spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance. The method and the device are patent-pending.

Meat sensor



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