Water monitoring

The QSens UV sensor allows you to measure optical properties of liquids directly in the fluid stream. In particular it can be used to monitor the quality of drinking water as well as the condition of waste water (see figure below).

water_Berlin (1)

The contamination with nitrates and dissolved organic material (DOM) is a strong indicator for the purity of water. With QSens sensor the concentration of nitrates and DOM can be determined.

In absorption geometry we are using UV LEDs with up to 4 different wavelengths and SiC photodetector, in fluorescence scheme we are using UV LEDs for excitation and we can offer 2 types of detectors: a MPPC (multi pixel photon counting) made up of a set of avalanche diodes or a fully intergraded CCD spectrometer with a spectral response range of 350 to 750 nm.


The QSens sensor is:

• very compact
• lifetime of several thousand working hours
• customized design
• reasonable price